Exciting New Winter Olympic Sports

Bored with Olympics?
The Olympic Games have been around millenniums. From 8 BC to 5 AD the Olympics were only found in Athens, Greece. Then in 1894 a great intellectual named Pierre de Coubertin revived the tradition. This gentleman realized how “organized sport can create moral and social strength”. (The Olympic Idea.

Discourses and Essays. Editions Internationales Olympiques, Lausanne, 1970.) His combined love for physical education and ancient Greece caused him to reinvent the Olympic games. He is now known as the father of the modern Olympic movement.

People love the Winter Olympics. The figure skating, the tobagganing, and the skiing are all exciting and well-loved sports. But, let us admit, year in and year out they begin to be boring. How many ski jumps can we watch until they all look the same. Admit it...you are actually waiting for the wrecks because you are bored.
Let's look at some new winter sports that can be included in the Olympics in years to come. We will review nun (snow) chuckin, synchronized snow dancing, watermobiling and more. Read on to learn more about the newest and most exciting winter sports on earth.
We all know how hard it is to walk on water...Jesus did it, but I've never heard of another doing it. How then do these people ride their snowmobiles over the water? I wonder how deep that water really is. It looks deep! Be it miracle or speed, I would love to see this. Especially if they run out of gas...
Animal Javelin

The animal javelin is judged on the flexibility of the animal, correct nose down placement, and distance. Animals such as foxes required greater skill due to complexity. Foxes have great flexiblity and are very difficult to land in a nose-down position. Just look at what a great job this javelin thrower has done! The fish thrower landed a second in this event, while the cat thrower came in third. Points were taken off for no nose-down placement.

Winter Ballet

The Winter Ballet is a wonder to watch. The form and beauty astounds the spectators. Imagine how hard it must be to pirouette in the snow and ice. The precision and skill needed for this sport is a challenge to every type of athlete. Practicing for this sport is a rigorous event. Do not be like the group in the second photo. Time your practices to keep safe.

Wind Sledding
Wind Sledding can be accomplished fairly easily. All you need is a strong wind and a slick surface. Be it a kite or a cardboard box, you just catch the wind and off you go. You can use a sled or just your body. This is an inexpensive sport to start off in and a fun and great time is guaranteed for all.

Sumo Ski-Jumping
Sumo ski-jumping is simply fascinating! Like me, you must be wondering what G-force it takes to lift these warriors off the ground. Look at the form and grace displayed! Just remember to watch out below...

Synchronized Snow Dance
Synchronized swimming has been around for years, but how often can you watch a synchronized snow dance? This girl and her horse rehearse daily in the hopes that this event takes off. The group in the second picture are practicing the angel wing, a synchronized snow dance classic move.

Nun (snow) Chuckin
Watch the hilarious world of Nun (snow) Chuckin. Even nuns need a way to let loose. Watch the nuns as they come out of their cloisters and laugh and have fun. Choose your favorite team! This year's favorites are the Benedictines from South Wales, Australia. The Franciscans from New York City, New York are a close second. I cannot wait for the next thrilling match!



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