Extreme Sports Styles With Osiis Shoes

Being entirely 'cool sports', Skateboarding, Skating, and BMX have really created a niche in the world of sporting, and clothing as well. These sports are highly respected, and coveted for their level of danger, and the fascination they inspire in bystanders. The people involved in actually taking part in the event(s) dress accordingly, literally to match the thrill and the extremes to which they reach. Taking traditional jeans to 'baggies', taking accessories to 'bling', footwear to 'kicks', and jackets to 'hoodies'; these extreme sport fanatics have quite created a clothing line for themselves.

A few of the leaders in the production of such apparel, Etnies Footwear, Osiris Shoes, and DC Accessories and DC Shoes are discussed in this article.

Etnies Footwear originally started in France in 1986, and only actually started marketing in America in 1989 and beyond. Though for the most part a maker of footwear intended for skateboarding, in more recent years they have also produced shoes and clothing for snowboarders, BMX, motocross riders, and surfers as well. They have now also got in to sponsoring numerous professional action sports athletes such as skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, BMX and motocross.

Osiris Shoes felt that they saw an empty space for pro designed and certified footwear in the world of extreme sports, and so set up shop in 1996. One of the most famous to come from them was when Osiris called in pro skater Dave Mayhew to design his own skate shoe. The end result, The D3, initially began as a slow seller, but when Osiris began liquidating their surplus, the D3's status amplified drastically.

DC Shoes and DC Accessories is an American company which began in 1993 from California. They focus on footwear, but are in no way limited to it. They produce clothes that go with the styles of those caught up in extreme sports such as Rally Car Racing, Surfing, Snow Boarding, BMX, and Skateboarding etc. Quicksilver bought over the company in the year 2004 in a whopping Eighty Seven Million Dollar deal.

Such manufacturers are certain to offer pieces to make you look really cool and stylish, and above all contemporary. Each piece of attire is designed to get you beyond doubt fascinated at first glance.


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