Yee-ha! The danger and adrenaline as youngsters rough it up at mini bull-riding rodeo

Bull riding has been called the most dangerous eight seconds of sport in the world. So there will be a few raised eyebrows that children are taking part in the notoriously difficult sport.
The youngsters, both girls and boys, were taking part in the Bull Wars rodeo event in Montpelier, Idaho, in the United States on miniature bucking bulls.

The sport involves the children being lifted on to the large steer and attempting to stay mounted for at least eight seconds while the frisky animal attempts to buck them off.
Another one bites the dust: A young rider falls from the bull
The skilled youngsters, dressed in leather chaps, helmets, cowboy boots and checked shirts, hold on with one hand gripping a rope.

The other hand is not allowed to touch the animal and they hold it high above their heads as the bull bucks, rears, kicks, spins and twists to try and throw them off. Riders are judged by the style of their performance and control of the bull with their spurs.

Throughout the ride, adult bullfighters are on hand to help the rider if they are kicked off, and distract the bull in order to protect the riders.

The sport is hugely popular in parts of the U.S. with many making their living from the sport.


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