Shark Night 3D Film Reviews

Shark Night 3D Film Reviews : PG-13 is a warning to the operation of horror-dogs: Night Shark 3D provides no sex, no nudity (except a bare ass guy) and very little gore. But the note is not far from sufficient warning. It also lacks the tension of a good horror movie, or the mood of a self-conscious being fun bad. Even at the height of at least the title promises: Not enough action for sharks, which takes place mainly during the day and 3-D is said in a couple of shots of fire. By definition, a cast wear horror movie where people eat fish is attractive for all its own bar too low. Still, the Shark Night 3D barely bothered to show, much less deliver the goods minimal.

After the tour, the necessary interaction between shy, just enough so the audience can identify the smarmy jerk, Shy Hero Hottie, etc. Frisky seven Tulane University students head home from vacation Louisiana salt lake, knowing that every time someone standing in the water dip , the shark cam mysterious underwater sequences begin. From setup to run (or more literally, the performances), director David R. Ellis, who had similar problems with Snakes on a Plane, Final Destination, the sound seems to drift and not committed to any particular speed. Simple clicks of boats on the lake, the women wear bikinis, or subscribe to a baby walker is a tension broke into the music-video mini-assembly to make the step. However, the interaction and character to pull out of the filler unbearably boring, full of awkward pauses, displays and flat acting ridiculously pompous.

To top it all off, Ellis rarely get a sense of real threat to the idiot in his one-dimensional characters, which is incredible because they are dying left and right. And 'quite common in modern horror movies have never offered characters worth worrying about, but the shark-snacks that are particularly confusing: It hyperbolic caricatures of one minute, and a major supplier of a serious-eyed, melodramatic monologues later. Worse, the film tries to put the audience on their deep inner pain, then grins on their messy demises. Everything about the shooting story, acting, editing, and it seems certain set of a movie spin-What are we doing today? wheel. What eventually landed on "One should not sit through a short stretch of the shark a couple of meals."

When a shark finally begin, alternating between kitsch Piranha 3D style killing, lying Sox Shark style wave of disappearances and baffling, without bloodshed. (Some of the deaths feel as if they had been edited to maintain the rating PG-13, How to explain the main characters disappear in silence) Actually, there is a plot behind the attacks because of the animals, one with a little potential for social commentary, but like the rest of the film, is carried through a compromise, distracted, and draggy that zigzags between comedy and torture porn, without manipulation or by other means also.



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