All My Children' Ends Its Run With A Cliffhanger

All My Children' Ends Its Run With A Cliffhanger :  It's the end of an era. A very long era tacky.
The legendary All My Children soap opera ends on Friday after more than 40 years. Originally a show of half an hour, AMC was established in January 1970, it was subsequently extended to an hour. Thousands and thousands of episodes of monitoring.

Earlier this month, Susan Lucci, 64, who has played Erica Kane on the soap since 1970, vented her frustration with the end of the show in New Star added an epilogue to the paperback version of her autobiography, All My Life: A Memoir.

Lucci said Brian Frons ABC exec helped his passing by removing the creator Agnes Nixon in 2008 and naming the writers who provide "sub-par" content.

"One show iconic lose to greed," said Lucci of ABC's decision to cancel the soap for a food show called The Chew (on Monday).

If Brian Frons could show his bosses that he could save the network by 40 percent, he could keep his job, even if the rest of us ended up losing our own. "

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