Chely Wright Married Lauren Blitzer

Chely Wright Marries Lauren Blitzer 

Chely Wright is married a year after revealing she's a lesbian : CHELY Wright is married to his girlfriend Lauren Blitzer just a little more than a year after the country music star came out about being a lesbian, and revealed just how painful it was a recognition in the world of country music.

Wright, who has posted photos from the wedding on Twitter itself, and Blitzer white robes, announced to the world in May 2010 that she was a lesbian.

"Country Music artist would rather be a drunk - they're up to encourage and support that one," Wright said in an interview from Los Angeles Times' Geoff Boucher, soon after he came out.

"You get good money for Jim Beam, put this code in your side of the line. I was in the Crown Royal Tour, and I must say it was one of my favorite trips. They would rather you were a drug addict than to be gay. They will forgive you if you win your wife, your child will lose the state , to get six divorces, so that sex tape may be labeled a tramp - anything and everything, it is better than to be gay. "

When the honeymoon, Wright sees how the latest change in his personal life has affected his career.

In an interview earlier this year, blog Autostraddle, Wright said, coming out, "did not help my career."

January Tennessean article said that Wright's sales dropped by about two-thirds of his latest studio album, and said that he had shifted his focus from music to Americana.

But Saturday was a holiday for a 40-year-old singer and Blitzer, 30, LGBT activist. A couple got married at home Blitzer's aunt in Connecticut.

On Sunday, Wright's Twitter account was full of fans Congratulations to:

"Congratulations on your big day tomorrow! I wish you a long and happy life together. (@ MaddiesCorner)"

"Good luck lady! I wish you and your love so much happiness! (Since @ AudraEqualityMc)"

A comment he made last year is a suitable will be made this weekend to celebrate: "I feel like I'm floating," Wright said after coming out. "It's like a friend of mine, who know what there is not much, and my family members who know what not all those who lift me to get through."



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