Apple Stock Falls After Jobs Announcement

Apple Stock Falls After Jobs Announcement :  Apple's shares are getting hit hard after-hours trading after theannouncement that CEO Steve Jobs, has resigned.

Steve Jobs at D8 ​​| Photo ├ůsa Mathat
Jobs, which will become chairman, is handing over the dailyactivities in the former COO, Tim Cook, who has skillfully servedthe company until Jobs was absent.

Still, investors are clearly unpleasant top-level change, although ithas been possible for quite some time.
At one point, shares traded down to $ 20.19, or 5.37 percent, $ 355.99. That means roughly $ 18.5 billion in market value.

Investors who have shares in Apple's recently introduced high enough to a telephone and a computer-maker passes Exxon Mobil recently the world's most valuable company, clearly placesthe overwhelming value of the job.

Stock was recently trading higher on the expectation that the iPhone launch in October 5.
This is not the first time that Jobs, a sudden departure has shaken investors' nerves.
Back in January 2009, the share fell as much as 10 percent, or about $ 6 billion market value, when the news broke that theCEO took a medical leave of absence.

All Things D's John Paczkowski called the investors' timewusses. "Yes, Jobs, Apple's sensitivity to penetrate the culture and its products, but that culture, and these products are not tethered to his health or the daily presence of the company. AndApple's deep executive bench is more than able to use it - and running it well - in his absence. .. . Apple-resistant - with or without Steve Jobs. "



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