When I grow up I want to work at Google Work Environment

When I grow up I want to work at Google Work Environment:Today I had the great privilege of having lunch with Dave Symonds, an old friend who now works at Google as a software engineer. Basically, when I grow up and finish school I want to work there. It is the most seriously decked out work environment I have ever seen.
From their funky reception desk, with themed wall and swinging tyres hanging from the ceiling; to their staff hang out areas complete with pool tables, table tennis tables, wii’s, playstations, food, food and more food.

There are something like 5 full time chefs who provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for the staff. Google obviously prides itself on providing their people with whatever they need to make them feel valued.  Its a truly awesome place. I liken it to walking into Willy Wonker’s chocolate  factory!  A massive shout-out to Dave for showing me around! If you listen to the podcast stay tuned for a future episode with Dave. It should be fascinating, he is involved in some pretty cool things.

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Awesome!I love this Google environment.Really it is very very beautiful.Its furnish rooms,libraries and eating place.I also wish to work under this environment.If i got an offer to visit Google's office through cheap flights i will not miss this type of offer and i will must visit it.

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