Top Photos International Photography Contest

 Top Photos International Photography Contest
 Recently National Geographic site, photo Premier International Photography Contest heaven and earth has released.

The night racing world by the Institute or The World at Night or Akhtsara TWAN and magazine Global Astronomy Month will be held. Photos allowed in this contest are indicating that somehow the beauty or the glowing sky light pollution problem created by our civilization to be.

Babak Amin Tafreshi TWAN is the founder, was one of the judges of this contest. According to him, to get good photos of the night sky just having a good technique or proper DSLR camera lens is not fast enough, but being in the right place at the right time is important.

9 photos on the top two strings beautifully glowing sky and light pollution were introduced.

- First Place beautiful night sky: the Aurora green frame, like the Milky Way has learned. This photo Stephen chord of a frozen lake in Iceland has.

- First Place light pollution: the photo is taken and stars Thomas Kvrat Chshmkzn over the mountains in the Austrian Alps in a city struggling with light shows, light that really do not think that we Mtmrkzshan toward Earth. This photo due to the glowing sky and light balance between the city has established, this place is decent.

- Second place in post photos beautiful night sky is Chrny Alex, the photos seem to galactic wind flow, the tree is bent. Photo taken in Australia.

- Photos of the second light pollution is Mvmnzadh Mehdi. Milky Way at the end of the rainbow is seen in Isfahan and shows how the stars is fading.

- Photos of the third light pollution is Klarv Miguel. Exposure time the photo above was taken from the bridge in Lisbon is a city of stars fade with the light and light aircraft shows.

- Third photo beautiful night sky as Luke Parvt Panorama of French Island has Rvnyvn. Photo of the Milky Way above shows an active volcano. The island in the Southern Hemisphere Indian Ocean, near Madagascar is located. Magellan Clouds in the right image, represent.

- Photo fourth light pollution Parvt Luke is open. Panvrma image above is taken Rvnyvn Island Mountains. While the village is hidden in the fog light only from its brightest stars and planets such as Venus, the possibility is glaring.

- Photo fourth Zhyayvhva beautiful night sky is. Build and rebuild the Great Wall of China in the long period between the fifth century BC to the 17th century BC, lasted long enough in the blink of an eye is a galactic scale.

- Photo fifth light pollution is Ben Canales. His 90 km away from the city of Portland State agencies and with the image the city lights reflected from the clouds is shown. Stars are identified only clouds margins.


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