Heavy – Weight Loss Series Starts

My wife and I caught a new series on A & E this weekend called Heavy. The show was pretty good but again it called into question an individuals responsibility to themselves as well as those around them. Last night we saw the second episode and again it was great A&E really knows how to put together a good TV Series and Heavy is a TV series well worth seeing.

Here is the way that the TV series Heavy is setup. Each week there is two people and those two people are huge. There are two trainers and over a few months time each of these trainers work with one of the two people to try to help them lose weight.

I have lots of questions. First, were do they find these people, second are we going to have the same trainers every week, and third are there going to be updates later as to how the people are doing?
Well the series has lots of people on it but each week we are introduced to two people that are working as partners. There is no prize money, no champion, and many health problems. Tears, emotions, and anger come and go and the partners help each other out. As you might expect the two people with a lot of weight can commiserate with their problems and the trainers are the professionals that are helping them along their journey.

First the people – Heavy Season premiere had Jodi, a childcare worker who started at 367 pounds and dropped down to 289 pounds. And Tom who started at 638 pounds and got down to 476 pounds. Both of these people had no real strength and their motivation was lacking compared to the people on a show like Biggest Loser. In fact Tom was living in his bed and had trouble walking to his car in the driveway. Just getting to the gym was terrible for both of these guys so it was great to see them transform into tougher, stronger people.

Heavy TV Series Trainers – My wife and I were blown away by one of the trainers, David Richardson, the guy was very big and ripped. I wish I could find some pictures for the ladies here for a bit of eye candy but I will have to search some more. The lady trainers name is Britny Fowler and she was great and tried to motivate Jodi but was having trouble getting a bond with her which was too bad.

Is Heavy on A&E worth watching?

In the end Heavy has a great setup. Work out at a gym completely locked out from the world for a few weeks, go home and cope with real life, and if they person falters then they can come back. We see lots of weigh-ins and at the end of 180 days (6 months) we get to see how much weight they have lost and an update to how much better their life is.

All of this takes place in an hour. I kinda think the Biggest Loser people should look at how this show is setup as it is very satisfying TV with lots of tips and tools for dieters and those looking to help themselves and others. I will be watching this show for sure and hoping that it keeps up the great quality.


I am very curious to know more about upcoming weight loss series. I heard a lot about group fitness training so I am looking forward to join the group fitness classes. Thanks for sharing such important information.

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