Seriously Amazing Wedding dresses

Seriously Amazing Wedding dresses

It suddenly struck me that I’ve never done a blog post about Ian Stuart – a stunningly good designer, he has a scary number of designer awards strewn in his wake, and his newest collection is up to his usual very excellent standard.  View the latest collection on his website » (under Revolution Rocks).   Here’s a few of my favourites (I am exceedingly fond of the lace oriental style gown):

Top 10 Wedding Dress Trends for 2011
It’s THAT time of year again – the time for donning my fashion forecasting hat (and what a dashing hat it is) to predict what the top ten trends are for the coming year in the bridal fashion world.

Here, in no particular order, are the top ten wedding dress trends for brides-to-be in 2011.
1.  Ruffles

Ruffles are something brides tend to love or hate – they’re slightly over-the-top, definitely unminimilistic and tend to swing between either being a hot trend or likened to a toilet-roll doll (remember those?).  There are some stunning ruffled gowns out there, and for the bride who wants to create impact, ruffles may be well worth a look.

From left to right:
Sarah Houston, Lucca Bride, Mia Mia Bridal

 2. 1950s Style
Yep, the 1950s style influences are still in vogue – hour-glass brides all together now -  “Hooray!” 1950s chic is appearing in many designers’ collections, so hour-glass girls are spoilt for choice.  And that makes me happy.

From left to right:
Ian Stuart, Alan Hannah, Justin Alexander

3. Asymmetrical Seams

Asymmetrical seams have been around and hugely popular for a couple of years, and there’s still plenty more of that style to come – mostly because it’s highly flattering to many brides.

From left to right:
Ronald Joyce, Mark Lesley, Benjamin Roberts

 4. Flower Power

Flower detailing is everywhere at the moment, and there really is nothing more pretty or more feminine, whether you go for a skirt smothered in foliage, or just for some small detailing.

From left to right:
Pronovias, Ritva Westenius, Suzanne Ermann

5. Bows to wow

Back in the late 80′s (as a teenager), my fantasy wedding dress featured a large bow just above my butt (amongst other things I hastily add), and there are many bow adorned dresses around to satisfy my teenage desires (though actually not so much on one’s rear…).  Definitely stylish, definitely adds wow factor.

From left to right:
Jesus Peiro, Vera Wang, Alberta Ferretti

6. Beading Highlights

Eye-catching sparkly beading on strategic areas of your wedding gown adds je ne sais quoi to what otherwise might be a fairly plain gown, and it’s very popular right now with designers.

From left to right
Carolina Herrera, Olivia Couture, Claire Pettibone

7. Sleeves & Straps
Non-sleeveless gowns are currently having their moment in the sun – around ten years ago, any non-sleeveless designs looked distinctly lonely amongst the plethora of sleeveless wedding gowns, and any bride with untoned arms had to suck it up.  But sleeves and straps are back with a vengence, so if you want the variety that different styles of sleeves & straps provide, or don’t want the pain of endless push-ups, rejoice!

From left to right:
Domo Adami, Lee-Ann Belter, Suzanne Neville

8. Flowing Greek Goddess Gowns
If you’re blessed with a fast metabolism or the determination and will to spend hours in the gym, these gowns will probably look amazing on you – made from soft, slinky, flowing fabrics, they are super-sexy.  Meanwhile, I would probably most  resemble a giant lump.

From left to right:
Ella Bridals, Elizabeth Fillmore, Marchesa

9. Ballgowns
Super fashionable for the last couple of years, ballgowns are still hot stuff, and if you always fantasised about being a Disney princess style bride as a little girl, you can safely do so without being accused of not being up to date.

From left to right:
Madeline Isaac James, Hollywood Dreams, David Fielden

10. Lace
Whether you go for lace inserts or a complete covering in lace, lace embellished wedding dresses are hot right now.  This is a favourite look of mine for sentimental reasons – both my mother and my sister got married in wedding dresses with a lace overlay and long lace sleeves.

From left to right:
San Patrick, Essense of Australia, Martiana Liana

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