Choosing Skateboarding Shoes

What is a Vulcanized Sole? 

Every shoe is actually made from Vulcanized materials, but there is a difference in the methods of how the soles are attached to the shoe. Vulcanization is the process by which rubber molecules (polymers or macromolecules made of repeating units or monomers called isoprene) are cross-linked with each other by heating the liquid rubber with sulfur. Cross-linking increases the elasticity and the strength of rubber by about ten-fold, but the amount of cross-linking must be controlled to avoid creating a brittle and inelastic substance. In simpler terms, A 'vulc sole' means the rubber soles are heated so they adhere to the shoe. The process is more durable than gluing.

What is a Cup sole?

A cup sole is pre-molded to specifically fit the shoe during the production process. It is glued to the bottom of the shoe as opposed to being cross-linked like a vulcanized sole.

What is better for skateboarding?

Each sole type has pro's and con's, so 'what is better' is purely the skaters preference. Vulcanized soles offer high durability, better 'board feel' due to a thinner layer of rubber on the very bottom, and sometimes more grip support, but, vulcanized soles can wear down faster because of the thin bottom. Vulc soles can also be less-comfortable. Cup soles tend to be more comfortable, and have more options with tread designs, and shapes. Cup soles also offer high durability as well.

Cup soles are often bulky, and the glue can weaken while skating. The pro's and con's can change depending on the shoe style as well. We simply suggest trial and error. Try one style, then a different one the next time, and see which type you prefer.

How much toe room should I have?

  The general rule is the width of a thumb between the longest toe and the end of the shoe, but this is our preference. We always suggest a little 'wiggle' room for your toes.

Why do my skate shoes only last a few weeks?

This is a common problem. Just because a skate shoe is designed for skateboarding, does not mean it is indestructible. If you skate everyday, try not to be surprised if your skate shoes don't last past 4-6 weeks. Griptape easily rips apart the materials of shoes, no matter how durable they may seem. It can get expensive, so it doesn't hurt to keep around a worn-out pair of shoes to use if you are practicing new tricks, instead of using those $90.00 limited edition Nikes you just bought.

What are some other skate shoe features?

These include but are not limited to:
-Air pockets in the heels
-Shoelace protectors
-Dynamic Grip Technology (DGT)(DC Shoes)
-Super Suede (DC Shoes)
-System G2 Cushioning (Etnies)(Emerica)(éS)
-STI foam (Etnies)(Emerica)(éS)
-Lace Loops that "hide" shoelaces
-'Action Leather'
-Thermoplastic Toe Box Reinforcement
-EVA Mid Sole
-Fusion Grip Rubber Outsole
-Asymmetric stabilizer
-Silicon Rubber makes shoes last longer (SiRC)
-Stash Pockets (under sole)(DVS)


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