Amazing Lipstick Pen

Amazing Lipstick PenAmazing Lipstick Pen

Pucker up and give them your number with style! Girls, get ready to be sleeker and more fashionable with your Lipstick Pen. Cute yet totally functional, this pen is master of disguise! It looks like your average red lipstick but just slide off the top and you’ll find a ballpoint pen tip. Imagine the eyebrows that will lift when you reach in her purse and pull out your "lipstick" to make a notation!

Maybe you can use it to write your own book series, call it the Lipstick Pen Diaries. It’s a wonderful gift for stylish girls everywhere. This vermillion treat with black ink within costs $2.95 only. Dimensions: 4 inches tall, 3/4 inch wide.



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