Van Shoes

Van Shoes

Van Shoes are an American brand of sneakers, snowboarding boots, skateboarding and other shoe type catering primarily to the skateboarding, surfer and snowboarder youth market. They also sell apparel and accessories.
Just like all other companies have started, they also started with a dream of the founder of the company, Paul Van Darren. The dream of Paul Van Darren was very simple-to manufacture and sell shoes which can be directly sold to the public. He learned the art of making sneakers from a factory on the East Coast. He then along with his partners; Jim Van Darren, Gordy Lee and Serge decided to move to Southern California. Although having the knowledge of manufacturing sneakers, all four partners didn't have any knowledge of retail.
The first Vans Shoe store opened on March 15, 1966 attracting only twelve customers on that day. At that time they only had display only shoes. Paul and Gordy requested the customers to come back in the afternoon. Then they rushed back to the factory to make the selected shoes. Not having any experience whatsoever about retail, they didn't have any change with them when the customers came to collect the shoes. They gave the shoes to the customers asking them to come back the next day and pay for them. All 12 twelve customers came the next day to pay for the shoes.

By the end of the 70s, the brand had approximately 70 stores in California of their own and also sold through dealers both nationally and internationally. By the early 80s Van Shoes became a profitable and stable company. The company tried to do all the manufacturing in USA, what other companies were doing in Asia, which made their shoes a little more expensive; as labor was expensive in the States.

The sole objective of the company is not to sell shoes and earn profit only; they also take care of the comfort, availability of sizes for all and the customer's physical well-being. The founders started off with dream of providing affordable yet stylish shoes and till now the company has stick to their dream keeping their shoes elegant and stylish along with being affordable for the masses.

As a whole, no matter what the occasion is, casual or formal, Vans brand can be a big and good choice to cater the need. The blending of the colors keeps Vans shoes trendy, responsive to the changes in the fashion industry and on demand by the masses.


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