Tuesday, January 18, 2011 Etnies Skate Shoes Offer Quality and Many Styles

Etnies skate shoes are stylish and classy and perfect for skateboarding. These can be worn to the gym or simply for day to day work and errand running. Etnies footwear comes in many colors, styles and sizes. They can be purchased either at a local retailer or via an online retailer. Prices vary depending on what size and model of are purchased, but generally speaking, they cost from $20 to $65.

Etnies Shoes for Kids

There are quite a few Etnies children's footwear to choose from. Those looking for shoes for younger children may want to consider the Kids Etnies Sheckler 3 Core selling at online retailer Modell.com for around $30 per pair. These are colorful, attractive, well made and comfortable. Etnies Digit Core Girls designs are ideal for girls from ages 1 to 4. They can be purchased at online retail website Dick's Sporting Goods for around $45 per pair.

There are also numerous children's shoes for boys and girls of elementary age. Those looking for affordable boys designs may want to consider purchasing either Etnies Arto or Etnies Jameson Kids Casual designs; these can be purchased online for $38 and $35 respectively. Etnies Fader White, Two Tone Girls, and Etnies Alpha Girls types are affordable options for girls; these can be purchased online for $27-$40.

Etnies Adult Shoes

There are many Etnies adult designs for both men and women. Online retailers that have a vast selection of these shoes are 6pm.com, Buy.com and Zappos.com; the latter site is slightly more expensive than the other ones. If the shoes are purchased online, it is important to ensure that they are bought in the right size.

One can also purchase Etnies adult skate shoes secondhand. A good place to find these for sale is Craigslist; they can also be found at garage sales, flea markets and via the local newspaper classifieds. Be sure the shoes purchased are still in good condition; one should always purchase secondhand shoes in person instead of over the internet. However, with a bit of looking, one can find secondhand Etnies skate shoes that are in good condition and are much more affordable than new ones.

In Conclusion

Etnies skate shoes are a good investment of your money. While these skate shoes are a bit pricier than shoes made by a generic brand name, they are well made and good quality. These shoes come in all sizes and colors. No matter what color or size of shoes are needed, it is not hard to find something suitable at an affordable price.


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