New Mary Jane Boots & Shoes For Spring 2011

Are you wondering what is new for Mary Jane shoe lovers this coming Spring 2010? Originally these shoes were a kind of strap sandal or shoe. Typically the heel would be quite low, while the toes were closed and rounded. Having been around for several decades already, you might assume that not much is happening in the world of Mary Jane shoes. However, you could not be more wrong.

Currently Mary Janes tend to be platform shoes, and have therefore changed a lot from the original design. The heels can often be three- to five-inches high, and the soles can be as think as one-inch. You will often find that the shoes have been decorated with exaggerated grommets or buckles. In other words, you will find both modern and traditional Mary Jane shoes, and they are continuing to change with the times.

If you look closely at some of the new shoe versions that have come out so far this year, you will find that they often look like a cross between Mary Janes, Oxfords, and booties. In other words, it is quite a combination.
Perhaps you will agree that art deco coloring is great for spring, and there are no limits to the types of colors you will find on shoes this season. Luckily there are also more basic color combinations to choose from, so do not worry about looking too crazy with your new cross shoe combination.

While some fashionistas will say that the new cross shoe is a must-buy for the coming season, many of the new style footwear that have come out so far are quite pricey. Most likely it will take a while before they are priced at a more affordable level. The drawback of being fashion forward is that it can often be quite expensive, but that is the price you pay for looking chic.

In summary, it will be exciting to see how the average consumer will react to the new cross between Mary Janes, Oxfords, and booties. Either it will become a big hit this spring, alternatively you will not be seeing them around at all.


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